Sunday, April 17, 2022

Arts from Water Color to Digital

 Past 2018, it is now 2022. It took so long to post herein. My kid is now a teenager and she loves arts. Thanks to her passion. She had overcome boredom and sadness in losing my brother in 2021. Until now, she still finds ways to find for the best answer, which art will she focus on. Will she do sketching using pencil? Water color? Glass art? Acrylic painting? Canvas painting? Digital art? Animation? These are all she can do for now.

She spends the whole night until at the most 3:00 a.m. doing arts-related something. My instruction is to compensate the amount of sleep by waking up late. Thanks to modules, she can answer in her own pace without worrying about call time in school for a face-to-face class.

Here is an example of her work. The digital art below was originally taken from my photograph in 2017 while seated during an exercise during Urban Shield in California.

While being interested in digital art, she tried using her tablet and an improvised pen. She did her first animation using a mobile app in her phone. Lately, we bought an XP Pen which she is now using for her digital painting. Below are some of her artworks in digital:

The photograph above is my daughter's original character creation. We intend to mint this artwork and keep it as an NFT.

This is Isabela Madrigal, one of the characters in Encanto. My kid loves Encanto that much. She also loves her artworks. Arts help her to be strong and happy. I am happy also that she has developed her craft that much and she wants to improve more on it.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

My Daughter Makes Doll Dresses

My daughter of 8 years old has been making doll dresses for almost a year now. She owns these small dolls bought by my mother and brother and she keeps them since then. Aside from keeping those dolls, she changes the dresses of the dolls from time to time according to her own design.

One of Guada's original designs
My daughter takes the cloths from my mom's dressmaking stuff. She cuts the small items by her own from her own design and makes the dresses by hand sewing them. She fits those clothes in the dolls she owns. She already had several dresses made and she changes those clothes from time to time.

Doll's dress taken from extra school uniform cloth.
Since she likes to make dresses, I encourage her to continue with the designs.  According to her, her works are inspired by the children cartoons featuring female roles that she keeps on watching over the television through years. 

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Not All for Children at Pinto Art Museum

Pinto Art Museum is for art lovers and nature lovers but not all that it stores is for children to see. In my visit there, these are some of the nice views that are good for children.

The entrance, for general public, welcomes everyone. With a bell on top of the entrance gate, I was sort of, had a question on my mind if the place is old or historical. Admission fee is 200 pesos for adults, 180 pesos for senior citizens or PWD and 100 pesos for student with valid school ID. For children below three years old, admission is free.

Huge Windows and Foamed Seats
It will be more fun to sit in those indoor sofas especially when one is tired already. Generally color white, sofas are located in over-sized glass windows that mirror the view outside.

Outdoor Beds and Table Sets
Outdoor beds come with mattress foam, displayed outside and for visitors to use. So sad when the rain comes, those beds need to be kept indoors. When weather is fair, picture-perfect moments in bed either sitting or having to lie down a while, makes a feel of pre-nuptial photo shoots being done in the area for a fee.

Children-Friendly Works of Art
One has to remember that the museum showcases a collaboration of many artists, who express themselves in different works of art. Hence, not all artworks can be friendly to children. Parental supervision is extremely important.
Imao's outdoor piece

Outdoor Landscape and Indoor Design

A Place to Eat
Remember not to make children hungry while in Pinto Art Museum. It is inside a residential area and having the Pinto Art Cafe by Peppermill  and Cafe Rizal are indeed a great relief to guests. When weather is good, eat outside under the trees and breath fresh air with the feel of a rural provincial area not worrying about cars and fumes.
Tamarind Smoothie
While I could write more, there are more for one to see that others cannot as we have different views and interpretation of art and nature. However, there is one for sure that can help our local artists: visit the museum!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Not Just Bread and Pastries in Baker's Hill

There is a famous tourist destination in Puerto Princesa City in the province of Palawan called Baker's Hill. When you arrive in the area, you would smell the aroma of making bread and pastries. I thought that it is just a home for famous bread making. It was surprising that there is more than that in Baker's Hill.

It is a place where children can play and stroll accompanied by adults. The entrance greets the visitors with fairy tale designs and colorful landscapes. There is a display of old bicycle adorned around with flowers and colorful leaves. A pitcher design above the domed entrance looks like it is watering the plants. There are indeed plenty of plants inside. The flower vases pools along the way are adorned with real fresh flowers. There are statues like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. There are animals as well.

There are restaurants for local cuisine (Baker's Hill Kitchen), Baker's signature pizza in Little Calvin's Pizzeria, desserts and drinks to quench your thirst for the garden walk. The benches as well make one's visit enjoyable not just for walking but for taking a lot of pictures and relaxation. There are animals, however, caged in the garden. I would enjoy all the children stuff inside and the food but I never enjoy seeing caged animals though, except for a crocodile farm. For Filipinos who love to eat and taste foods unique for every place, tamilok is worth tasting. For pasalubong for office mates, Baker's Hill food products are among the sought-after to take home. So when you're in Puerto Princesa with kids, don't forget to drop by at Baker's Hill. Visiting it made me remember my stay in Sapporo, Japan. There, they have a chocolate factory, which is not just a factory where you come to see how chocolates are made; but a place where you can stop to take a lot of colorful pictures of the garden they have. There, I saw not just children but more senior citizens. In Baker's Hill, they say, summer is more fun - maybe not just summers, but vacations throughout the year.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Lunch Break

I visited relatives in nearby town of Tiwi and I met during noon time some children playing in the sea shore. They were busy catching small fishes; some with their backpacks still on. When I asked what were those small fishes for, they simply replied "just for fun." For some, they were looking for sea shells; still for fun. The timing for caching those little creatures in the sea is noon time when they are given break for lunch. Some are on their way home while some are on their way back to school.