Saturday, March 11, 2017

Not Just Bread and Pastries in Baker's Hill

There is a famous tourist destination in Puerto Princesa City in the province of Palawan called Baker's Hill. When you arrive in the area, you would smell the aroma of making bread and pastries. I thought that it is just a home for famous bread making. It was surprising that there is more than that in Baker's Hill.

It is a place where children can play and stroll accompanied by adults. The entrance greets the visitors with fairy tale designs and colorful landscapes. There is a display of old bicycle adorned around with flowers and colorful leaves. A pitcher design above the domed entrance looks like it is watering the plants. There are indeed plenty of plants inside. The flower vases pools along the way are adorned with real fresh flowers. There are statues like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. There are animals as well.

There are restaurants for local cuisine (Baker's Hill Kitchen), Baker's signature pizza in Little Calvin's Pizzeria, desserts and drinks to quench your thirst for the garden walk. The benches as well make one's visit enjoyable not just for walking but for taking a lot of pictures and relaxation. There are animals, however, caged in the garden. I would enjoy all the children stuff inside and the food but I never enjoy seeing caged animals though, except for a crocodile farm. For Filipinos who love to eat and taste foods unique for every place, tamilok is worth tasting. For pasalubong for office mates, Baker's Hill food products are among the sought-after to take home. So when you're in Puerto Princesa with kids, don't forget to drop by at Baker's Hill. Visiting it made me remember my stay in Sapporo, Japan. There, they have a chocolate factory, which is not just a factory where you come to see how chocolates are made; but a place where you can stop to take a lot of colorful pictures of the garden they have. There, I saw not just children but more senior citizens. In Baker's Hill, they say, summer is more fun - maybe not just summers, but vacations throughout the year.