Sunday, December 8, 2013

Static Equipment that Make a Difference

Children having fun at Quezon City Memorial Circle.
My brother and I used to visit before the Quezon City Memorial Circle. We go there for fun. We jogged, ate and shopped in the range of bargains from clothes to wellness. We had to enjoy the place as if we were children. I long for those days when we were still children and we had play a lot - all without the aid of any computer or mobile phone.

More or less 20 of them.

Brother trying the rope pull.
On the side near the elliptical road inside the park, we noticed the newly built static exercise equipment. I counted them, there were more or less 20 equipment that you can enjoy and try your self for one or more. The array of equipment isn't only for adults but for children to try too. I saw children enjoying them.

Sit-up bench
I was after to inspect each of them. Each one bears a label and an instruction to use. These are just one of the improvements made with the Quezon City Memorial Circle. When you visit the place you can tell which of them you like. For sure, children will love the place and the exercise equipment too.

Sky twister