Sunday, April 17, 2022

Arts from Water Color to Digital

 Past 2018, it is now 2022. It took so long to post herein. My kid is now a teenager and she loves arts. Thanks to her passion. She had overcome boredom and sadness in losing my brother in 2021. Until now, she still finds ways to find for the best answer, which art will she focus on. Will she do sketching using pencil? Water color? Glass art? Acrylic painting? Canvas painting? Digital art? Animation? These are all she can do for now.

She spends the whole night until at the most 3:00 a.m. doing arts-related something. My instruction is to compensate the amount of sleep by waking up late. Thanks to modules, she can answer in her own pace without worrying about call time in school for a face-to-face class.

Here is an example of her work. The digital art below was originally taken from my photograph in 2017 while seated during an exercise during Urban Shield in California.

While being interested in digital art, she tried using her tablet and an improvised pen. She did her first animation using a mobile app in her phone. Lately, we bought an XP Pen which she is now using for her digital painting. Below are some of her artworks in digital:

The photograph above is my daughter's original character creation. We intend to mint this artwork and keep it as an NFT.

This is Isabela Madrigal, one of the characters in Encanto. My kid loves Encanto that much. She also loves her artworks. Arts help her to be strong and happy. I am happy also that she has developed her craft that much and she wants to improve more on it.