Monday, August 19, 2013

My Next Finisher

If I can and whenever there is an opportunity, I join fun runs.

With office mate, Geraldine.

Running was part of my life since I was a kid. In elementary years, I joined various sports. I competed in long jump. I competed in sprint and in relay. I loved softball too.

When I entered high school, I became shy. Dominating fellow female students who resembled like men would look at me with prejudice to my physical skills. Yes, I am small. To them, I was small. I joined the scouting then but my things were taken from me especially beddings by a physically stronger boyish colleague. While in the jamboree, I slept on the floor but was surprised that the heavier body of my boyish colleague toppled on me while she was asleep. She got no control of herself while sleeping – thing that still needs parental attention during that time including peeing in bed.

I felt physical pain  but I did not complain. Now, I feel the other way around. All those things made stronger. Those contemporaries would approach me and say “hi” more often now than when I was in elementary years.

In high school, I mellowed in sports. Yes, I was into volleyball too but I have more love for softball. I did not compete anymore physically although I was qualified then. I left the main event to the dominantes. I did not join practice anymore. To me, a sport is everyday life. We accept defeat, we accept victory. We cherish everything including our tears.

More on high school, I focused on studies. I practiced sports by myself and few good friends. I left the fame of sports to the dominantes. I remained timid and in my own way. Thanks God, I graduated with honors. A girl without a shoe of her own made it to the stage.

When I finished college, I was so thin. People would doubt at me that I was sick. Some even thought I had tuberculosis. To that discrimination, I wanted to prove something for myself. Something that is physical. I entered the fire service – a very noble profession in the Western world (hopefully in the Philippines soon). I passed all the medical and physical exams. Thanks God, I was thin but I was not sick. I was thin but I was physically fit.

Now that I am in my 30’s already, I still continue to exercise. Once a week, I should have to jog. I may not be able to join all the fun runs out there. Yet I still can when I have free time.  I literally do not compete in fun runs. My first fun run happened a few years ago. I am a regular 3-kilometer runner. Finishing the run is already a greatest achievement to me. I did not have to accelerate to a longer run just to please myself or anybody. I just have to make it for myself and for my health.

GM with my finisher medal

Getting old and single mom, I am so glad that somebody has to finish my run. My girl, Guada, now in her 3 years of age, is so athletic too. She moves a lot. She swims in the beach with her grandma. She could even be a better swimmer than me. I never learned how to swim. I feared the sea after I almost drowned when I was between 3 to 5 years old.

Life has a lot of fears. However, a life without a challenge isn’t life at all. I may be alone to finish the run. Now I am confident that I already have a finisher. My girl is my finisher. 
Lord, thy will be done.

(See this article published in Yahoo Voices)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Kid's Artwork

I give my little girl almost all sorts of pens. I give her pencil but she dislikes it. I give her pentel pen and ball point pen. I also give her coloring pens. My girl's favorite is a ballpen. She draws animals using a ballpen. She dislikes it when a pencil does not write well.

She loves to write everywhere. She colors the mirror. She writes even on her skin. She draws a line on our wall using a chalk. Everywhere even in the pages of my books, she writes in there.
One of Guada's artworks

Whenever she draws or writes she would call us to supervise her. She directs me to draw for her too. She asks me to draw various animals from elephant to python. I am not good in drawing but I draw without hesitation whenever she asks me to do it for her.

I collect her artworks. I treasure every artwork I see. To me passing through such stage of being a child will never be repeated again. Thus, I consider her outputs as works of art. Even if they may seem incomprehensible and may somewhat look like an abstract, I find them of utmost value.