Monday, August 19, 2013

My Next Finisher

If I can and whenever there is an opportunity, I join fun runs.

With office mate, Geraldine.

Running was part of my life since I was a kid. In elementary years, I joined various sports. I competed in long jump. I competed in sprint and in relay. I loved softball too.

When I entered high school, I became shy. Dominating fellow female students who resembled like men would look at me with prejudice to my physical skills. Yes, I am small. To them, I was small. I joined the scouting then but my things were taken from me especially beddings by a physically stronger boyish colleague. While in the jamboree, I slept on the floor but was surprised that the heavier body of my boyish colleague toppled on me while she was asleep. She got no control of herself while sleeping – thing that still needs parental attention during that time including peeing in bed.

I felt physical pain  but I did not complain. Now, I feel the other way around. All those things made stronger. Those contemporaries would approach me and say “hi” more often now than when I was in elementary years.

In high school, I mellowed in sports. Yes, I was into volleyball too but I have more love for softball. I did not compete anymore physically although I was qualified then. I left the main event to the dominantes. I did not join practice anymore. To me, a sport is everyday life. We accept defeat, we accept victory. We cherish everything including our tears.

More on high school, I focused on studies. I practiced sports by myself and few good friends. I left the fame of sports to the dominantes. I remained timid and in my own way. Thanks God, I graduated with honors. A girl without a shoe of her own made it to the stage.

When I finished college, I was so thin. People would doubt at me that I was sick. Some even thought I had tuberculosis. To that discrimination, I wanted to prove something for myself. Something that is physical. I entered the fire service – a very noble profession in the Western world (hopefully in the Philippines soon). I passed all the medical and physical exams. Thanks God, I was thin but I was not sick. I was thin but I was physically fit.

Now that I am in my 30’s already, I still continue to exercise. Once a week, I should have to jog. I may not be able to join all the fun runs out there. Yet I still can when I have free time.  I literally do not compete in fun runs. My first fun run happened a few years ago. I am a regular 3-kilometer runner. Finishing the run is already a greatest achievement to me. I did not have to accelerate to a longer run just to please myself or anybody. I just have to make it for myself and for my health.

GM with my finisher medal

Getting old and single mom, I am so glad that somebody has to finish my run. My girl, Guada, now in her 3 years of age, is so athletic too. She moves a lot. She swims in the beach with her grandma. She could even be a better swimmer than me. I never learned how to swim. I feared the sea after I almost drowned when I was between 3 to 5 years old.

Life has a lot of fears. However, a life without a challenge isn’t life at all. I may be alone to finish the run. Now I am confident that I already have a finisher. My girl is my finisher. 
Lord, thy will be done.

(See this article published in Yahoo Voices)

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