Saturday, June 2, 2018

My Daughter Makes Doll Dresses

My daughter of 8 years old has been making doll dresses for almost a year now. She owns these small dolls bought by my mother and brother and she keeps them since then. Aside from keeping those dolls, she changes the dresses of the dolls from time to time according to her own design.

One of Guada's original designs
My daughter takes the cloths from my mom's dressmaking stuff. She cuts the small items by her own from her own design and makes the dresses by hand sewing them. She fits those clothes in the dolls she owns. She already had several dresses made and she changes those clothes from time to time.

Doll's dress taken from extra school uniform cloth.
Since she likes to make dresses, I encourage her to continue with the designs.  According to her, her works are inspired by the children cartoons featuring female roles that she keeps on watching over the television through years. 

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Not All for Children at Pinto Art Museum

Pinto Art Museum is for art lovers and nature lovers but not all that it stores is for children to see. In my visit there, these are some of the nice views that are good for children.

The entrance, for general public, welcomes everyone. With a bell on top of the entrance gate, I was sort of, had a question on my mind if the place is old or historical. Admission fee is 200 pesos for adults, 180 pesos for senior citizens or PWD and 100 pesos for student with valid school ID. For children below three years old, admission is free.

Huge Windows and Foamed Seats
It will be more fun to sit in those indoor sofas especially when one is tired already. Generally color white, sofas are located in over-sized glass windows that mirror the view outside.

Outdoor Beds and Table Sets
Outdoor beds come with mattress foam, displayed outside and for visitors to use. So sad when the rain comes, those beds need to be kept indoors. When weather is fair, picture-perfect moments in bed either sitting or having to lie down a while, makes a feel of pre-nuptial photo shoots being done in the area for a fee.

Children-Friendly Works of Art
One has to remember that the museum showcases a collaboration of many artists, who express themselves in different works of art. Hence, not all artworks can be friendly to children. Parental supervision is extremely important.
Imao's outdoor piece

Outdoor Landscape and Indoor Design

A Place to Eat
Remember not to make children hungry while in Pinto Art Museum. It is inside a residential area and having the Pinto Art Cafe by Peppermill  and Cafe Rizal are indeed a great relief to guests. When weather is good, eat outside under the trees and breath fresh air with the feel of a rural provincial area not worrying about cars and fumes.
Tamarind Smoothie
While I could write more, there are more for one to see that others cannot as we have different views and interpretation of art and nature. However, there is one for sure that can help our local artists: visit the museum!