Sunday, March 23, 2014

Take Action on Climate Change for Our Children and the Next Generations

Source: UN's Clean Water for a Healthy World

My child loves to plunge on water. She likes to take a bath and she enjoys it well. She too likes to swim in the beach. From a place where the sea is just walking distance from our home, my daughter may be good at swimming more than me. I never learned how to swim since then until now.

Well, it may not be all about swimming or having fun. It is all about the future. One day the future generations will ask, did my mom or my grandparents share their part in taking action on climate change?

"Future generations will judge our action on climate change. 2014 is the year for climate action."

Here are ways to take action on climate change: Please click on the link and see for yourself if you have already started doing your part in climate change mitigation in your own little way. Let us act now.