Saturday, June 2, 2018

My Daughter Makes Doll Dresses

My daughter of 8 years old has been making doll dresses for almost a year now. She owns these small dolls bought by my mother and brother and she keeps them since then. Aside from keeping those dolls, she changes the dresses of the dolls from time to time according to her own design.

One of Guada's original designs
My daughter takes the cloths from my mom's dressmaking stuff. She cuts the small items by her own from her own design and makes the dresses by hand sewing them. She fits those clothes in the dolls she owns. She already had several dresses made and she changes those clothes from time to time.

Doll's dress taken from extra school uniform cloth.
Since she likes to make dresses, I encourage her to continue with the designs.  According to her, her works are inspired by the children cartoons featuring female roles that she keeps on watching over the television through years.