Saturday, April 11, 2015

Children would love to do these things nowadays....

I have a growing child aged below 7 years and I am sharing what my kid loves to do. I do not know if these things are common with the rest, maybe yes. Here are the things that my 5-year old girl likes doing:

1. Arts. She likes painting and sketching. She likes colors, more colors. I bought pastel colors,  crayons, colored pens and pencils, poster-making colors etc. I too have an app in my phone, Quick Memo, she likes it very much. She sketches flowers, figures and a house in it. 

2. Playing differently. Aside from games that children usually play, she loves going outdoors. Even at the height of the sun she does picking flowers and soil. My kid loves martial arts, she likes the arnis moves. Arnis is the Filipino martial arts.

3. Selfie and photography. Since we do not have a compact camera or an SLR camera, my kid uses only mobile phone with camera to take her own selfies and take photographs of things all over the house and outside the house. 

4. Western children shows. I was asking myself, are there Filipino children's concept of cartoons? Where are they now? We watch Sakuragi (Japanese), Dora the Explorer, Barbie movies and all about foreign-influenced stuff. 

5. Travel. I brought my family together with other relatives with several children to a day tour. My kid was the youngest among the children I brought along with. Some of my nephews and nieces did not join us for fear of motion sickness but my kid remained calm and enthusiastic throughout the day until we went home. She really loves to travel a lot. Her favorite mode of transportation is - airplane.

Of all these things, I love what my kid does. However, if I will be asked what I would like to introduce my kid to, I would like to add music. I loved music but music does not like me. I heard my kid singing Air Supply's "...understand...the one that you love...asking for another day.." I do not yet know for now what's next for her. I am keeping my fingers always crossed for my daughter's growing up.