Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kid's Interests

What does your kid like to do? This is a concern for all parents. While modern technology gives an array of distraction to our children, I still would like to develop my kid's talents the way we were supposed to be. Of course children love to play computer games and savor themselves with the attention-catcher mobile apps but what is more important is what they are supposed to be and what they will be in the future.

My kid loves to draw, to paint, to color a lot of things. When she's in the mood, she is so earnest of asking from me a lot of questions about colors and objects. She likes to watch television and would request from me to peep from my mobile phone apps. However, I want her to be what she should be without too much exposure from radiation brought about by modern gadgets.

She has a chalk board where she can write and draw anytime. She loves to mold clays into different object and animals. I like the way she molds clay into animals with details of their feet, mouth, ears and tail. She shows me a buffalo, lots of snakes and other objects. 

She told me this is water buffalo.

My kid attends the mass on Sundays and she shows me how to mold a priest from a clay. I was amazed when she told me she shapes a Mama Mary. She accentuates it with a flower she picks from our yard. When she's in the mood to make all those things, I cannot even interrupt her for food or television. She exerts a lot of efforts in what she does.

She told me this is Mama Mary.

My wish is for her to develop her innate talents into something she could be in the future. Since she loves arts, I hope to support her with what she does and develop her further into what she could be. She likes to see paintings. I am a visitor of museums where there are lots of paintings that I take pictures of. I show them to my kid and she likes to see them too. 

Indeed as parents, we really have to support our children's interests so that these could serve  as their base for further development. I hope we can do more as parents and as people who are after for children's welfare.

This post was published in Yahoo Voices.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Young Photographer

My three year old kid is trying her skills in photography. Using my LG Phone, she takes pictures of things inside and outside the house. Here is one of her photo essays.