Sunday, July 28, 2013

What is Virtual Piggy?

What will our kid's future be without our financial guidance? What if we left a fortune but they don't know how to manage them? Will they end up like a prodigal son? Of course we do not want our kids to be broke when we are gone. We want them to be financially independent even if we might not be around anymore,

With Virtual Piggy, let us start teaching our kids with financial management. Let us increase their financial IQ as young as they are. If we will be able to prepare our kids for the future, we are confident that they can stand on their own feet. We are assured that the fortune we left or we will be leaving for them will not be lost to nothing.

Financial literary needs no procrastination. Parents need not to wait for age of maturity before teaching their children to be competitive. Financial IQ is a must that should be handed down to our kids now, not tomorrow or never.