Saturday, December 27, 2014

Holidays of Homesickness

A home will always be home no matter how messy the place is.
Being a single mommy and being away from home during the most important holidays of the year is no less than the most heartbreaking moments in my life.

After six months of being away from my five-year old daughter, going home for a day is like sneaking for lost moments. I went home after six months, but only for a day. After a day, I had to leave home to work. I spent Christmas away from my parents and my daughter.

Now, I am in a dilemma that I might spend the New Year still away from home. I had two booked bus tickets already. The first one, I was not able to use, I gave it to a relative. I have another one, I do not know if I will be able to use it.

Nevertheless, when I went home for a day. I was so sad seeing my kid missed me so much. She had to guard me in my times of sleep even during the day when she is expected to take her nap too. She even had to take pictures of me while I was asleep.

This article may not be about homesickness entirely, but about my daughter who practices photography using my mobile phone. I am glad that the pictures in this post are among her shots.

That's Pope Francis! He is visiting the Philippines in January 2015.
Mama's happiness. I dream that I will be able to buy a new one for her.
Not a facade but ordinary windows.
Caught by the angle.
Worn-out waiting to be worn again.
Living in greens.
The feet that touch the ground always.